I feel I should write a few things that I was told about this week, sometimes we do not realise that we are blessed with good things, we must treasure our health, our children, our loved ones, whether we are in touch with them or not for various reasons ..

I live in Brussels, I often work from home, resumed studying and am glad to say that I have successfully passed exams I have written so far. I go to the gym as often as I can, do rigorous gym routines. I am hard on myself, aside from that I also tend to isolate myself, there are days when I feel the need to be alone even though I am in constant contact with my dearest friends. Having said that I want them to know that I am always there for them, in good and in bad.

Anyhow, this week I learnt of people being abused when young, being physically abused by their partners, then moving on, only to have more of same, cheated by their partners, verbal abuse and so much more. People going through serious illnesses, my age, not knowing if they will live through the end of this year, not knowing if they will be able to see their own children become adults. A mother whose three month old child just died, cot death, she was told. Trying to pick up the pieces of all she has built, thinking her little daughter would grow into a young lady, her princess. Now what ? A young boy, shot by his step-dad fourteen times, miraculously surviving but chances are he may remain a vegetable for the rest of his life.

These are the serious problems of our world. Why so much pain, why so much sadness ? Don't we all deserve a piece of happiness ? That is when I ask myself is there a God ? Why hurt those so innocent around us and let those who thrive in terrorism, violence and vandalism get away with it ? And more often than not they do. Why so much poverty in poverty-stricken countries and Africa and Asia ? Why wars ?

I hear of fathers not bothering to get in touch with their own children. How heartless can they be ? Their own flesh and blood ! How can they dismiss their children as though they meant nothing to them ? I call these people heartless no matter how religious they are. Our children are innocent. They need the love of their father AND their mother, no matter how young or old they are. Mothers who have sacrificed their all to give the best to their children, going through the hardest of times in their own life dedicating their life for their own child.

However, there are fathers who give their children the best they could possibly give them and I know a couple out there who really do and I cannot give a better definition to the term perfect exemplary dad to this respect. Their children are blessed to have such a father in their life. They will always love and treasure their father as they grow older, appreciate the wholesome love and dedication their dad has given them, just like my dad gave me and my sister.

Moving on to other territories, perhaps a bit more delicate. General elections in Malta next month. Some of the Maltese seem to be at war and it is so sad to see that happening. I grew having a particular political view, I grew to want democracy, fairness. I hate corruption, I hate arrogance. I hate greed. Sometimes I lose control and comment but I try to be fair. I try to see the good and bad of both sides, I try to be objective. But, on the other hand I am a hopeless in politics. I cannot stand it anyway. Both sides hurling hurtful comments at each other. It is just all too much.

Aren't there more serious issues in life than just ranting and raving against each other in politics ? Seems not at the moment on our little isle. I cannot wait for all to pass and come what may I hope our little rock will survive every hurdle it will come across.

We are all Maltese, until we are on this earth we must try to control our feelings especially those of anger, because as with all other elections, these will only be put in our history books, but what with our own personal attacks and accusations? We will sadly have to live with them for the rest of our lives .. we must think before we act.

I want to end this by saying that I am forever grateful to my dearest friends Liz, Antonella, Marilyn, Vicky, Manuela and Germaine for always being there for me, in good and in bad. I will love you always. Moreover as I stated on my FB earlier .. Throughout my years I have learnt to fight. Fight for what is right, fight for what I believe in, but most importantly fight for the ones I love, whether I am in touch with them or not. Those dear to me and who will always remain. We must never forget to let them know how much they mean to us and always will ..

Love to all .. stef xxx