My interview with EP Newshound with the aim of raising more awareness on Rhino-poaching

22nd September marked World Rhino Day. Many of us do not know of this date dedicated to rhinos. Many of us are unaware of what is going on to the rhino species in Africa and Asia. Many do not know they risk becoming extinct.

A few months ago I was made aware of the cruelty that goes on in many parks in South Africa and many other African countries. Having never been to South Africa myself I did my own research and was introduced to the Protrack Anti-Poaching Unit, the 1st unit of this kind which was set up in 1992 ( who gave me an insight of what is going on and what they do to try to, well, I cannot say stop altogether as it seems an impossible task, but to catch poachers and have them arrested. Please have a look at their website in order to see more of what they do. A noble act in my humble opinion. I then proceeded to write an article which was then published on The Malta Independent and many read the story and expressed their concern.

On my part I feel that raising awareness about this crime is not enough. Posting pics and statuses on Facebook is not enough. Yes, true, people will get to see what is going on. But it is certainly not enough.

In order to mark World Rhino day I sent my article, which featured on the newspaper last June, to MEPs, senior officials and colleagues within the institution and the response was overwhelming. I came to realise that many would like to do something about it but do not know which way to go about it. Others had no idea of this crime and expressed shock and sadness to what is going on.

I want to go a step further and help set up an association within the European Institutions whose aim is to help those working hard and putting their all in trying to put this crime to an end.

I will be writing more about this issue but for now I wish you to read my article featured on my website as well as the interview via these links Stephanie Takes Up The Rhino Cause Meps Respon . In the Word document version Stephanie Takes Up The Rhino Cause you can click on the respective links in order to view the websites featured in the article (open hyperlink etc). It was my first time being interviewed for a magazine so I must admit I was quite nervous but the scope of it all is to continue to work on saving the rhinos and all our beautiful creatures on our precious Earth.

Scanned Stephanie Takes Up The Rhino Cause Meps Respon