Love, that of the true kind ..

I haven't had much time to sit and write this week, particularly because I was quite busy and taken up with various commitments. Two things happened to me that were special in their own little ways this week. I had an overwhelming amount of likes on a photo on my FB photography page, which I have posted on this blog, together with a wonderful Rieki session performed on me by Vanessa Leleu, who has also become a very dear friend to me. If anyone reading this email living in Brussels would like to have a good Reiki session please send me an email on and will be more than happy to pass on her details.

During my Reiki session, which was my third (and badly needed) session, I was told I needed lots to work on, my liver, my heart, my mind, but I prefer to keep the rest of the details private. Strange as it may sound, it left me with a sense of serenity, peace. It was an exhausting session, this morning I had no energy to even get out of bed. All I want is for those dear to me to be happy, something I always wished for them and forever will. Those dear to me will always remain so, dear. No matter how far or close they are or whether they are in touch with me or not. Nothing will ever change how I feel, what I think.

Although I am only in my 40's I feel that life has taught me a great deal. Last year was a turning point and a particular issue threw me. But I have since forgiven, albeit not forgotten, the harm and pain it caused me and those involved. It is past now and one learns from their errs. I never knew I could have fallen so low but in doing so I learnt. And I learnt alot, and the hard way. If one does not learn from his/her mistakes then they are not worthy of being given that one last chance to be trusted ever again.

Humans sometimes tend to think with their hearts, well, I think most women do, but we should also think with our minds. Before we take any drastic decisions we must put circumstances before our feelings. Sometimes we have to make sacrifices and choices which do not always depend on us. This does not mean we must cease to love those who have been dear to us, who will forever remain in the depths of our hearts. NEVER. It is a matter of understanding a situation and learning to live with it and accept it. For the good of those around us who depend wholly on us, who depend on our love. Hard as it may sound this is the reality of life and I have, through circumstances, learnt to live with it.

Few may understand what I am trying to say. It does not mean it makes you love that person or persons special to you any less, oh no, but if you really care for them, you only wish them the best and stand by them making sure that they are happy and that nothing will ever come in their way of their own loves or passions. Even if it means complete silence. That, to me is true love, absolute love.

Real love lasts a lifetime, and, trust me, it is true.