Life through my eyes

It's all cold and jam-packed with snow outside but, well, I got to see the sun today, which greeted me in the most welcoming of ways. Its frail warmth worked its way down to this side of this world and I could feel it on my face. Sunlight. It is still awfully cold, but it is Winter after all isn't it ?

Being a Mediterranean girl living in the Northern part of Europem I miss the sea, the real blue Mediterranean sea, the warm Mediterranean sun, my home, my family. I am Maltese born and bred, and proud of it. I would never want anyone to take my childhood away from me. From my early school days till my years at college, my friends, classmates, I wouldnt change anything. It is all part of my life, part of my growing up, a metamorphosis of my life so far.

Life is one big great adventure .. good or bad moments we must appreciate it .. this world has so much to offer, colourful, a beautiful world enhanced with all forms of life, from birds, creatures, plants, flowers, to human beings hailing from all parts of the world. We travel through time, sometimes we have the fortune of being able to experience different cultures and it is a truly necessary experience if one can afford to do so.

Nature is a gift. Being one who possesses a passion for photography I look at photos and images of nature, true nature, safaris in Africa, forests in the Americas, the Australias.. If each one of us could help in any way to preserve the beauty these continents have gifted us with then the world would be a much better place.

But sadly civil wars, fighting, terrorism, vandalism, crime that the world is condemned with is happening all the time. The unfairness of this world. Why, we have such a beautiful world, some people have nothing but war on their minds. What a pity, I say to myself, perhaps I am naive, perhaps I like to look at the beauty of this world. This is the only world we have. Why do some people choose to give it to the dogs ? Well, yes those people exist, perhaps because they do not know any better.

If only this violence could be stopped, if only these people could be taught to see the world from a different perspective, perhaps, only, perhaps the world could be a better plplace. This is one of my dreams, but one that is very difficult to come through.

All we can do is simply to do our best and give our all, making up for the evil in this world, that which is made up of crime, wars and terrorism. And, oh yes I have no doubt, the number of people who feel same way I feel certainly outnumber those embroiled in bitterness, vandalism and violence.

Let us all make the world a better place and appreciate the beauty our world aches to give us, from the seas, oceans, forests, to deserts and mountainous landscapes.